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Project Procedure


InTune – all you need to know

1. Enquiry
Please send us the text to be translated by email, fax or post. In the case of lengthy texts, a few representative pages will suffice, but these should be accompanied by exact details of the total length of the text.
We require the following information:
Name / company / address of the client, contact person, tel./fax numbers, e-mail address, desired date of delivery, length of text, translation to be delivered by: e-mail, post, fax, or courier, desired form (e.g. as continuous text on a diskette, printed on paper or film, by post, fax or email.), details of specific standards or guidelines to be observed, availability of info material, glossaries/ special terminology, previous versions of the text.

2. Prices for proof-reading / text optimisation
Line price (55 keystrokes incl. spaces)
By arrangement: price per word / per 1000 words / per page (standard page of 25–30 lines, each 55 keystrokes incl. spaces in length), or a flat fee.
Our prices are based on the source text.
InTune supplies a list of all goods and services included in our fee, plus any additional costs (e.g. shipping costs, travel, etc.).

3. Order confirmation
Orders must be confirmed in writing.

4. Processing the order
Any outstanding points will be clarified with the client.
We do not work with special formats (HTML, PDF, PowerPoint). We are happy to supply you with a digital copy of the translation as an MS Word file.

5. Delivery
Once completed, the translation is sent to the client as an MS Word file attached to an email, on diskette, or in printed form via post or fax.
Translations of internet content are supplied as MS Word documents; no localisation.
(Shipped at buyer’s risk – see our General Terms and Conditions)

InTune – all about the prices

1. Prices for translations
The final price depends on the following factors:
type of text, subject, difficulty, style, condition (e.g. legibility), length, time needed for research, deadline, type of translation (e.g. rough translation/working translation/ translation ready for publication).

Please note that per-line prices are based on a standard line of 55 keystrokes including spaces (continuously counted, not according to the way the lines are visually arranged on the page). In certain cases, should the client so wish, we can also calculate prices on a per-word or per-page basis, or we can offer a flat fee for the entire text.
Additional services will be charged for separately. This applies to rush jobs / weekends and public holidays, for which we charge 25% extra.

All prices are based on the source text.

2. Prices for proofreading / optimisation of texts
Proofreading of translations that have already been done, and the correction and optimisation of the style, vocabulary and intelligibility of German texts will be charged on a per-hour basis.

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