InTune accurate translations – we welcome every project as a new experience

Every project opens doors; every project is an opportunity to gain new insights on the most varied and intriguing of subjects. We place the greatest importance on making sure that our translations do justice to even the subtlest nuances of the original text. This is the only way to provide readers of the translated version with full access to the feel and flavour of the source text. Whether we are dealing with fact or fiction, literature or information, our translations are invariably reliable, fluent and in tune with the original.

InTune – accurate translations
Our name puts our philosophy in a nutshell. It is about what we stand for and the way we work. It also reminds us of the inherent fascination of our profession – project by project, text by text.

InTune accurate translations – reliable as clockwork

Impressum & AGBs

"Beware of the man who says he has twenty years’ experience when what he should be saying is he has one year experience repeated twenty times." Berthold Brecht

Shade, tone, gradation, fine distinction, tinge, hint, degree, touch.

InTune = harmonious, correctly tuned, musically concordant
Accurate = precise, correct, exact, true, truthful, perfect
Translation = rendering, rendition

A paid activity carried out over a lengthy period of time after suitable training and experience, the purpose of which is to create or provide access to useful goods or services. Ideally, a profession is also a vocation, a “life’s work” for those who feel called to it as a result of their temperament, character and abilities. People who have found their true profession feel a duty and a responsibility to their work. Thus, a profession can be seen as a precondition for the development of the human personality, for it is precisely in the field of work that all one’s personal strengths can be developed.